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We’re Miami Roofing

Your security is of paramount importance to us.  We’ll provide you with the ideal roofing solution that will ensure your experience is smooth and easy. Our prompt, professional approach, combined with our expertise, ensures you’ll receive our highest standard of service you can get.

Responsive is in our DNA

If a roofing problem arises and you need to fix it, don’t be waiting around. Contact us at 786 786 1291 24 hours a day.  We believe in a proactive approach to communicating throughout the roof installing and repair process so that you are aware of what you can expect and when you can anticipate it.

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What services do you require?

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We’re Miami Roofing

Your security is of paramount importance to us.  We’ll provide you with the ideal roofing solution that will ensure your experience is smooth and easy. Our prompt, professional approach, combined with our expertise, ensures you’ll receive our highest standard of service you can get.

Responsive is in our DNA

If a roofing problem arises and you need to fix it, don’t be waiting around. Contact us at 786 786 1291 24 hours a day.  We believe in a proactive approach to communicating throughout the roof installing and repair process so that you are aware of what you can expect and when you can anticipate it.

You’re with Professional hands, always

In the case of roofing repair, replacement, and repair, Florida homeowners can only be sure of the highest services and quality from our skilled roofing experts.

Solutions for all your roofing needs

The roof of your property is a complicated system of components which work in tandem to keep your home safe and secure. We will guide through the entire process to find the most suitable option for your requirements. Our aim is to ensure that you are happy with the roofing solution that’s specifically tailored to your property.

Quality Craftsmanship for you

In the case of roofing installation, repair or replacement, Florida homeowners can only be sure of the highest quality and service from us.

We are Miami Roofing & Waterproofing, we collaborate with developers, general contractors, and property managers, property investors, home and business owners like yourself. We help to safeguard their investments by providing comprehensive commercial waterproofing and roofing solutions.

Service first.

Our attention is always focused on your requirements. We provide free roofing inspections on site and offer top-quality quality and value. Our highly-trained commercial roofing experts and waterproofing specialists will work to meet your deadlines and budget.


Our long-running and diverse expertise in the industry is translated into precise waterproofing and roofing solutions. When you choose to work with Miami Roofing & Waterproofing services, you can count on to have a partnership that’s built on trust, communication as well as accountability and reliability.

Roofing Solutions.

Our solutions cover maintenance repairs, maintenance and new construction, roof replacement and roofing coating systems as well for complete waterproofing of the building envelope for any commercial use. We provide the complete range of roofing options in Miami, including single-ply modified bitumen tiles, shingles and solar roofing corrugated asphalt roofing evercoat polyflex Polystick Tu Plus, and EPDM roofing material. For commercial waterproofing services, we offer sheet-applied waterproofing membrane, hot-applied waterproofing membranes deck coating systems sub-grade waterproofing solutions. This includes systems for vapor barriers, air sealing and caulking, as well as water-repellents or cementitious waterproofing.

Strong Support.

Our waterproofing experts and highly skilled roofing specialists are working with you to develop practical, reliable affordable solutions. Miami Roofing & Waterproofing keeps your future and present needs in your mind.

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Supporting your building’s future


Preventing and reducing water intrusion are our primary priorities here at Miami Roofing, Miami, Florida. Our waterproofing experts for commercial buildings offer an entire building envelope to simplify your project while protecting your investment. From basic, traditional waterproofing systems to more complex amenities decks as well as outside areas, our team will ensure that your roof structures and building remains dry.


This product is intended for waterproofing protection for vertical and horizontal applications, such as slabs, foundation walls below grade decks, tunnels and decks. Sheet-applied waterproofing membranes comprise of self-adhering membranes primers for surface preparation and liquid membranes for detailing and sealing mastics points, drainage composites to provide security and management of water to keep your roof in good shape AND to limit the chance of costly repairs in the future.


We favor these tougher systems and methods although other contractors prefer not to use them, It is used on roof terraces and split slab construction for plaza decks, and green roof systems, hot-applied waterproofing is a one-component membrane made up of a mix of modified rubber and asphalt polymers. The result cures, forming extremely flexible, strong and fully adhered monolithic roofing and
waterproofing membrane which ensures that water does not be able to penetrate the membrane in case of physical injury.


This system is designed for projects from condo balconies to parking garages deck coating systems helping to protect the structure by sealing the concrete substrate and creating a beautiful and durable surface. Our roofing team applies coatings and installs the systems required for your project.


The below grade waterproofing system offer essential protection for vital construction components. Our experts understand your particular requirements regarding waterproofing for your commercial structure and will give you the best system to meet the requirements of your project.


We use the most advanced, high-quality silicone, urethane, preformed sealants as well as preformed extrusion systems, which are specifically designed to be waterproof that aesthetically enhances your building constructs.


We provide clear, film-free penetrating solutions for all vertical concrete above grade blocks, stucco, and brick masonry solutions for commercial structures. The solution gets into the substrate and then chemically reacts to form an extremely strong protection against the penetration of water and ultraviolet as well as weather-related deterioration.


The waterproofing of cementitious prevents the entry of saltwater, chemicals wastewater and other hazardous substances into your commercial structure. This treatment protects steel reinforced with concrete from oxidation and decay perfect for sewerage pits, elevator pits as well as water tankers. This treatment is extremely resistant to the most aggressive substances.

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Commercial Roof Services


Miami Roofing Commercial Roofing Services is a reputable full-service commercial roofing business that is focused on top-quality workmanship and efficient communication for each and every project. We specialize in waterproofing below grade and also restoring, fixing maintenance, replacing low-slope and flat roofs for:

* Multi-use industrial and commercial buildings
* Apartments, condominiums, and multi-family communities
* Medical facilities
* Building of the Government
* Religious institutions
* Campuses and schools
* Retail developments


Maintenance and Repairs


Roof inspections every two years or annually are ideal. It starts with our comprehensive analysis and systematic method of inspecting your building’s roof structure by conducting a physical inspection. Commercial buildings are characterized by complex roof systems that often involve electrical, mechanical and plumbing system the cladding.

Our team members are certified and are knowledgeable about every integrated system including most effective practices for Florida the Miami-Dade Code requirements as well as specifications of the manufacturer. With this information experts can pinpoint areas that require periodic maintenance to prevent future problems. Depending on the state, condition and the location the roof is located, our experts can recommend an inspection schedule specific to your property.


Our skilled team of roofing operations specialists are aware of how crucial it is for businesses, communities and other property managers to get prompt and efficient project management for any roofing replacement-related issues. Our team of operations can help to meet any challenge, for example, facilities that are occupied or night work as well as specific egress requirements to make sure that the roof replacement is tailored to your requirements.


We can help you get the commercial building back in order after a storm. The severe storms here in Florida can wreck destruction to your roofing system, which can damage your roof, leading to leaks, as well as causing various other problems that can compromise the structural integrity of your building. If your commercial property recently experienced a severe storm or sustained damages, it is important to assess and repair/restore your roof.



We know the particular requirements and needs that builders and developers face when bringing their plans to fruition. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable project managers stick the timeframe you have set and collaborate alongside other subcontractors, and effectively communicate with our clients throughout the construction process.




Installing solar roofing is an easy method to reap all the advantages of traditional roofing and energy savings. Our solar panel experts from Miami Roofing & Waterproofing can examine your roof to determine the best location and explain the way solar panels serve your home’s energy requirements



Whatever the nature of your work whatever the scope of work, we have the knowledge to offer exceptional protection through low-cost, long-term solutions for waterproofing that add value and protect the commercial properties you own.

Contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation estimate for below-grade waterproofing for commercial buildings.




When it’s time for repair or replacing your commercial roofing system, you’ll want to partner with an expert roofing company that is not just knowledgeable but also has the experience to make sure your project runs smoothly. A partner you can trust that is focused on safety and has a professional, verified crew to handle details of your project. To get the right structure for roofing your home You need a roofing contractor that can provide many options.

Miami Roofing Roofing & Waterproofing Priority is proud to offer a range of options to make sure you get the roofing you want and one that is within your budget. We’re here to hear your concerns and goals and then assist you in selecting the best system or product suitable for your particular property.




Metal is among the fastest-growing roofing materials, and with reasons that are well-founded. They’re not just visually attractive, but they offer many advantages:

* “Longevity” . Proven expectation of performance of 50+ years
* Beauty: Beautiful styles are available to complement any style
* Durability Interlocking panels provide the greatest wind resistance
* Efficiency: Keeps buildings cooler, which reduces the use of HVAC.

Metal roofing systems are offered in galvanized painted steel, and aluminum. Both concealed and exposed fastener systems are readily available and the cost varies depending on the type of metal roof that is ideal for the needs of your commercial property.

As with all roofing systems in the event of a poor installation, a metal roofing system can fail to safeguard your building. It is crucial that the correct specifications are followed and an experienced roofing contractor is employed to complete an installation for your brand new steel roofing.

Contact us now to arrange an obligation-free, no-cost estimate for commercial roofing made of metal.




Flat roofs look and functions very differently to traditional sloped roofs like metal or tiles. Even though a flat roof is not specifically designed to function as a water-shedding system, due to an extremely low pitch, flat roofing is still able to safeguard your home from water rain and extreme weather.

Most commonly available as highly reflective (SRI) white single-ply roofing systems are tidy, clean and durable. They are also efficient in energy use and are low-cost when it comes to installing and re-roofing. They are installed either mechanically attached systems or stuck with adhesives on polyiso insulation as well as lightweight concrete insulation.

Contact us now to set up a free, no-obligation quote for one-ply roofs on any commercial space.




Installing a solar roofing system is an easy option to enjoy all the advantages of traditional roofing, and also to enjoy easy energy savings. Solar roof tiles appear and function just like traditional roofing materials. However, they also have the benefit to convert sunlight into electricity that can be used directly in your residence. Each tile is made up of intricate solar cells that are designed to absorb the highest amount of sunlight. In addition, while the primary purpose of solar absorption is to absorb sunlight, they also serve as a purpose, they are designed to provide toughness and resistance to elements, thereby protecting their cells and the building’s foundation.

Solar panels are among the most effective ways to assist customers to be less dependent on energy sources from outside. Making the decision to go solar is an excellent start to improve efficiency in energy. It’s crucial to select a reliable contractor with years of expertise in solar roofing. The solar panel experts from Miami Roofing & Waterproofing can evaluate your roof’s location and explain the ways solar panels can serve you and your energy requirements.

Contact us today for an obligation-free, no-cost estimate for solar roofing on the commercial building you own.




Modified bitumen (SBS) asphalt roofing systems have been utilized to cover commercially low slope (flat) roofing that may be subject to significant demand from other trades, and one ply membrane could not be suitable. They’re typically 2 or 4 ply with each layer being bonded using hot asphalt or a torch-over polyisocyanurate insulation system or concrete systems that are lightweight in insulating. The warranty for the system is valid with a minimum of 20-years.

Miami Roofing & Weatherproofing specializes in the design and installation specifications of a variety of hot asphalt modified bitumen roofing producers and systems. We are among the most reputable roofing companies in Florida in giving you advice on the best system that is the best fit for your commercial building.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote for Modified Bitumen roofing for commercial properties.

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Commercial Roofing Services Near Me In South Florida

Miami Roofing offers an array of commercial roofing services that range from metal roofing installation to fixing leaks and maintaining programs for your roofing. When you are choosing a business you should choose one who is experienced about all aspects of your roofing project which is why Miami Roofing can provide just this! We have expertise in all kinds of commercial roofing including TPO, BUR, metal roofing and single-ply commercial roofing.

Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement

Repairs and replacements to commercial roofing is among the more frequent requirements for roofing for companies. From minor leaks to massive damage, Miami Roofing offers services focused on getting your company’s roofing in good shape quickly.

Roof Coatings and Maintenance

Miami Roofing offers a variety of roofing services. These include the application of roof coatings as well as general maintenance. A roof coating is crucial to prolong the life of your roof within South Florida. This additional layer of protection guarantees you don’t suffer frequent leaks or small damages.

It can also cut down on the use of energy by keeping your indoor temperature constant throughout the hot summer months. This is a fantastic option for those who reside in areas with extreme conditions or you’re looking to add an additional few years to the life of your roof!

Solutions to Leaks

Leaks don’t just affect the roof, but could cause significant destruction to the entire structure also. Leaks can cause water damage to your business, and can cause many different major problems when not addressed promptly. If you suspect that there’s a leak on the roof of your business, Miami Roofing will send a professional immediately and make sure that the leak is stopped.

Flat roofing expertise

Miami Roofing has been helping businesses of all sizes by providing flat roofing services for decades. We take this experience with us on every commercial roofing project we undertake!

The flat roofing style is by far the most commonly used type of roof used by companies, since it takes up less space and is simple to set up, which makes it an affordable option to business proprietors. There are numerous kinds of flat roofing that have different advantages for each.

TPO Single-Ply roofing

The single-ply type of roofing is by far the most commonly used business roofing option. Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is among the most quickly-installed commercial roofing systems that is available today. It is not just easy to put in, but it is also affordable too. It is constructed from a single layers of synthesized material that is used to protect the roof. It is becoming a sought-after roofing option because it’s easy to install and will look great in almost every commercial establishment.

Built-Up Roof

Another kind of flat roofing we use is called built-up roofing. Flat and low slope roofs are typically constructed using the built-up roof (BUR). BUR is constructed with asphalt and fabric pieces that are laid (or “built”) over one another. This method of roofing is ideal for commercial buildings since it’s less expensive than many other options. It is also low maintenance and offers great protection from severe weather conditions.

Modified Bitumen Systems

Modified bitumen systems are utilized for flat and low slope roofs, but they are used mostly for commercial structures. It’s a like constructed-up roofing as it is made up of many layers that are made of fiberglass and asphalt. It is extremely sturdy and has an integrated waterproofing system that makes it ideal for commercial usage. Modified bitumen roofing systems are constructed to withstand extreme weather as well as being an excellent roofing choice for commercial buildings.

Metal Roofing

As with the other types metal roofing, it is great for commercial buildings that last when properly maintained the roofing material will last for up to 70 years! It is ideal to withstand severe weather conditions. Be aware that metal is slightly more costly compared the other flat roofing styles but it comes with a lot of advantages as an option for roofing materials. Call Miami Roofing today with any concerns about which kind of flat roofing is most suitable for your company!


How to choose a commercial roofing contractor

The process of selecting a commercial roofing company is a process that requires lots of investigation. It is important to ensure that the contractor you choose has the experience and credentials to complete the task properly.

Experience is Key in Commercial roofing

Experience is among the most important factors to think about when choosing the right commercial roofing company. Miami Roofing has been helping businesses of all sizes with their roofing requirements throughout South Florida for almost two decades. We are proud of getting the job done correctly every time, and we carry that experience into each roof we put up!

Contact Miami Roofing today for Free Roofing Quotes

If you believe your business is suffering due to roof damages, or you’re just looking to replace your commercial roofing, call Miami Roofing an immediate call to get a no-cost estimate! We’d be happy to demonstrate our capabilities as a top flat roofing company throughout South Florida.

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Shingle Repair And Replacement in South Florida And Tampa Bay Area

Asphalt roofing shingles are among the most sought-after and cost-effective kind of roofing material for residential use. They are available in a range of styles and colors. They’re also pretty sturdy and many asphalt roofing shingles are now carrying 130 mph wind ratings and have warranties that last for a long as 50 years!

Selecting Your Shingles for Your Home

Select a color of shingle from the selection. We realize that picking the right color for your home can be difficult, which is why we’ve provided this useful tool to select the right shingle to match your home. The shingles you choose will be visible on the exterior of your house with this interactive shingle selection tool that includes Owens Duration shingles from Corning.

Miami Roofing are Experts in Shingle Roofing

Miami Roofing has been repairing and replacing roofs with shingle roofing for over two decades as well as our crew of highly skilled contractors know how to do the job exactly. We are able to provide roofing inspections for free in the event that you believe your roofing with shingles has suffered any damage in some way. Our aim is to have your roof back to its original condition in the shortest time possible!

Asphalt shingle roofs are among the most popular kind of roofing used within the United States; they account for about 50% of the roofs in the nation. But despite their widespread usage asphalt shingles possess several aspects homeowners might be considering before making any decision on how to fix or replace them.

Evidence of Shingle damage to your Roof

If you discover that one or more of your shingles have gone missing or are broken Call Miami Roofing immediately! There are many indications that your roofing is damaged and it is best to call experts and ask them to evaluate the damage that could be caused to your roofing.

Broken or missing Shingles

Broken or missing roofing shingles can be a sign of roof damage. This is due to the sun’s rays that will eventually cause the asphalt on the roof to wear away and become fragile. When this happens, the water could enter the home and cause damage later on.

It is essential to treat damaged or broken shingles as quickly as you can, whether through repair or replacement. It’s also a good idea to talk to an expert on shingle repair or replacement prior to making any decisions about how to fix the problem.

Loss of Granules

Asphalt shingles slowly lose their granules over time as they become older. These granules give the shingles their colour and protect them. In time the shingles begin to appear gray and then begin to develop hairline cracks. The issue of losing these granules is that it could influence how your roof is protecting your home and you.

Roof Leaks and other signs of water damage

The signs of water damage could include water spots on the roofing, soggy carpets and the growth of mold within your attic. If you observe any of these symptoms it is crucial to address the problem as soon as you can to avoid more damage from occurring.

Another problem that is often faced by homeowners with roofs made of asphalt is the presence of water damage on their ceilings. It can occur in the event of missing or damaged shingles on the roof. This means it is time to repair them or even replaced.

Do you need to repair or replace The Roof of Your Shingle Roof?

Many homeowners opt to employ a professional roofing service to fix the damage to the shingle. This is typically the most effective option when the damage is only limited to a particular portion on the roofing. However, the choice depends on several variables including the state of your roof and the severity of the damage, the insurance coverage, and whether an inspector may suggest a full replacement. Here are some things to take into consideration when making the decision to replace your roof completely or to fix damages to the roofing.

The condition of your roof

If your roofing with shingles has been in use for a long time and you are experiencing damage or leaks it could be the right the time to replace your roof completely. But, if the roofing shingles are fairly new and the damage is minimal, there’s an excellent possibility that a roofing expert will be able to repair the damaged shingles.

Small or minor damages can be repaired

If you find anything unusual in your roof, you should to get it checked because damage that isn’t too severe can be corrected. Natural disasters or storms may cause minor damage, but they’re usually easy to fix, especially by our highly skilled roofing experts with Miami Roofing.

The most significant water damage typically requires a complete roof replacement

If you see substantial damage to your roofing or within the home itself, then it’s likely that you need to completely replace your roof. Most of the time, small and repairable damage that is not noticed on your roof can turn into more serious issues over time. Miami Roofing also provides routine maintenance programs that could help you save cash in the end by addressing these small issues prior to them growing!

Get a Licensed Contractor to Review the damage to your roof

If you’re unsure whether the roofing damage sustained needs the assistance of a professional contractor, having us assess the damage can be a great idea. Our experienced contractors can determine if the damage is repairable or could cause structural issues. If the damage is greater than what is fixable by minor repairs, we might recommend getting a complete new roof put in place.

How Much Is Shingle roof replacement cost?

The cost of replacing shingles is contingent in the amount of roof space you’re facing, the kind of shingles you require as well as what you’re planning to accomplish with your roofing overall.

Materials Size, Types of Shingle Materials and Severity Influence the Cost

The materials, the size of the roof and the extent of damages will all impact the amount replacing a roof with shingles will cost. It’s also important to think about the warranties available. If you’re in need of a roofing replacement, it could be worthwhile adding an insurance policy or discussing an agreement with your contractor for additional protection.

If your roofing with shingle was damaged by a weather-related incident, like storm or hurricane, Miami Roofing can help with the claims process for insurance from beginning to end. We will communicate directly with the profit adjuster while they cooperate with your home’s insurance company to ensure your claim is as high as possible and your roof can be restored in the shortest time possible.

Selecting the Best Roofing Contractor for Shingled Roofing

Selecting the right roofing contractor is crucial for shingle roofing as they will help you determine whether your roof’s shingle requires repairs or a complete replacement or just minor repairs. Be aware that there are numerous kinds of roofing materials nowadays, so it is recommended to seek several opinions before deciding to purchase the replacement of your roofing system on your own.

Roofer Experience and Accreditation

It is essential to select an experienced roofing company with expertise and credentials that meet your needs. Miami Roofing has been serving the South Florida community for 20 years.

Contact Miami Roofing to request an estimate for a free Shingle Damage Roofing Cost Estimate

The best method be able to take an educated choice regarding the shingle roof you have is to hire a qualified contractor to examine the damage and determine if you require repairs, replacements or only minor repairs. Miami Roofing offers free estimates for all of our roofing services. we’d like to keep your family and home safe by providing you with the most current, secure roofing. Call us now!

Shingles from Owens Corning and Major Manufacturers

Owens Corning Duration shingle comprises of fiberglass and asphalt. The top layer is coated with the granules. Granules are used to provide colour, UV protection and also algae resistance. They are available in various designs, with the two most popular being architectural and three-tab.

Three-tabs are the cheapest model and is available in a wide range of colors. They typically have an mph rating of 60 mph and can have a 25-year warranty. Because of their low wind rating the shingles aren’t recommended for use in South Florida.

Architectural roofing shingles, often called laminated, dimensional, or composite, feature an extra-large base mat and several layers of additional material. Architectural shingles have 130 mph wind ratings and warranties up to 50 years. The two types differ visually and a lot of people choose the architectural shingles. They also weigh around fifty percent heavier than three-tab shingles. This means they last longer than the three-tab kind of shingle.

Miami Roofing is an approved authorized roof shingle application service for all major shingle producers.

Being the Owens Corning Preferred Platinum Roofing Contractor, Miami Roofing is proud to provide our customers the Owens Corning Preferred Protection Warranty. Owens Corning backs our work by providing a complete guarantee on the material and work. Contact us for the most comprehensive roof shingle warranty in the market.

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Tile roofs look stunning and a popular option for homeowners, yet they can be difficult to maintain. The tile roof is constructed of tiles laid out in patterns. They can crack or be damaged as time passes, and eventually cause water leaks to your house if it is not repaired.

Miami Roofing brings expertise on Your Tile Roof

Miami Roofing is one of the most experienced experts in tile roofing repair and replacement throughout South Florida, with our expertise that spans nearly two decades in the field. We are able to visit your property or office to inspect your roof for no cost, and then assess the damages to provide you with an estimate for free.

Evidence of Damage to Your Tile Roof

Roof tiles can be damaged with time, but they’ll likely last for a long time if regular maintenance is carried out by a trained professional.

Different signs can indicate the damage to your roofing tile that may require it to be repaired or replaced. The signs of wear are damaged tiles, discoloration of the roof or grout that is missing from at the point where tiles touch each with each other. If you spot any of these symptoms following the recent storm you should act immediately to ensure that your home doesn’t be damaged further.

Tile roofs are also simple to fix and require only minimal maintenance. It is usually restricted to rooftop’s drainage, guttering, and venting rather than the actual tile. Furthermore, because clay and concrete tile aren’t a drain on natural resources since they are made of natural materials, they’re regarded as sustainable, green and eco-friendly. Ask Miami Roofing about tile roofing for your next roofing project.

Tiles falling or sliding off

If you are noticing that the tiles are sliding or falling off the roof of your house, your roofing may require to be fixed as quickly as it is feasible. A Miami Roofing certified experts can visit your home to evaluate the problem and provide more information about the state of your roofing. A few tiles that are slipping could be a simple fix, however if many tiles start falling off the roofing, it could be time for a total replacement.

Flashing Damage

The flashing may be damaged and cause leaks in your roof, that can lead to significant water damage to your home. There are many things homeowners must be aware of when dealing with this kind of damage. If, for instance, you observe that the flashing is damaged or swollen, don’t be reluctant to seek out an expert to repair it. Also, flashing that is missing will have to be replaced in the earliest time possible, before water begins to seep into the structure.

Roofing Leaks

Roof leaks can cause a issue for homeowners. There are many factors that can cause roof leaks, such as damaged tiles. If you spot any leaks from your rooftop, it’s important to act fast before damage to your roof occurs. Tiles need to be replaced as quickly as you can if they crack or are damaged. This can stop leaks from occurring at all.

Cracked Roof Tiles

If your tiles begin to crack the tiles will have to be replaced as soon as they’re showing signs of wear and tear. Cracks on your roofing could also allow the elements of water enter your home, which is why it’s recommended to speak with an expert for a quote when you see the tiles are cracking on the roof.

What is the cost of a tile roof replacement cost?

There are many factors that can result in the cost of replacing a tile roof to differ. The factors that can affect the price increase be:

* The age and size that your roof tile is

* The condition and the type of tile you’re replacing

* How much damage has been sustained to your tiles on your roof

* If structural problems or other issues require to be addressed inside the home

Costs are based on the Sizing and the Quality of Roofing Tiles

As a general rule of thumb the price for roofing tiles can vary in a wide range depending on the quality and kind of tile you choose:

Cost of Clay Tiles For Each Square Foot $10 – $19

Cost of Concrete Tiles Per Square Foot $10 – $20

The color, manufacturer, and style can also affect the final cost of roofing tile. This price doesn’t include any additional repairs that are required like damaged or rotten roof decking. In the event that more structural work is required to be completed, the cost could rise.

If you are deciding to repair or replace the tile roof be aware that the more seasoned the tile roof is, the more likely to suffer more damage during the process of repair. If the roof is older and the roof must walk across the tiles in order to fix roofing, this raises the likelihood of the tiles breaking beneath their feet, causing further issues later. In many instances it is cheaper over the long run to replace your roof, instead of having to pay for routine repairs.

Miami Roofing also has years of expertise working with insurance claims specialists across Florida. If a hurricane, storm or another natural disaster cause damage to your roofing tiles, we are able to work with your private adjuster who will cooperate with your insurance company to increase the value of your claim to pay for the new roof.

Different Florida Tile Roofing Materials

The materials that are used for tile roofing will vary based on the preference that the homeowners. The most common material for tiles is Terracotta. If other kinds of tiles are utilized it’s important to ensure they fit the style of the home and are of top quality.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are available in a range of textures and colors. They typically come in beige, black, brown, or gray, however they are also available in natural stone shades. Concrete tiles have advantages including their strength and versatility when used for roofing, however their weight and upfront costs could be a deterrent to homeowners who aren’t sure about their options.

Clay Tiles

The clay roofing tiles are classic and durable tiles that are available in a variety of designs and shapes. They are made of baking earth or mud and are a cost-effective alternative in your residence. They can last for quite a long time dependent on how well they’ve been cared for throughout the years.

Composite Tiles

Composite tiles are generally the most expensive kind for roofing. They are made of a variety of substances, including slate, natural stone concrete, and other materials which create a stronger and durable roofing. The advantage of using composite tiles is the fact that they will not break when dropped onto the hard surface, however their disadvantage is that they are more expensive to buy and set up.

The advantages of tile roofing

The main advantages of roofing with tiles are more durability, less maintenance demands, and the capability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Tile roofs cannot be susceptible to being damaged by winds of high speed or hail, and even lightning strikes.

Low Maintenance

Tile roofs are easy to maintain due to their durability and are able to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Tiles aren’t easily damaged because of their strength and structure.

The long-lasting durability and insulation properties make tile roofs a great option for improving homes energy efficiency. Tile roofs are able to insulate homes, reducing heating and cooling expenses. In addition, their longevity ensures that you won’t need to replace tiles on your roof as frequently as other kinds of roofing.

Tile roofing stands up to The abrasive Florida Weather

Tile roofs are able to withstand the elements since they’re strong and don’t deteriorate with time. It makes tiles roofing the ideal choice for people living who live in South Florida, where hurricane season and other storms may cause major destruction to homes and structures in the region.

Call Miami Roofing Roof for a free Tile roofing inspection

We are a specialist on residential roof services here with Miami Roofing, including sealing existing roofs, fixing roof leaks and performing roof maintenance and much more.

If your home’s roofing is in good condition, you’ll be able to enjoy tranquility knowing your home is safe. Miami Roofing knows how crucial it is for homeowners to contact us today to schedule an appointment for a no-cost consultation. We’ll give you an accurate estimate for fixing or replacing your tile roof, at no cost to you.

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Why should you opt for metal roofing? It is renowned for its strength, durability and beautiful appearance it is the most sought-after choice for landlords and homeowners. Metal roofing is a great investment due to its longer time span than other roofing materials.

With the proper maintenance and ideal circumstances, metal roofs can protect a building for a long time. Although shingles must be replaced on a regular basis metal roofing provides the look and feel of shingles while saving money.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is among the most suitable options for homeowners looking to make a long-term investment in their home’s development without worrying about the longevity of their roof. When installed correctly, the roof can be protected from leaks and can even increase the safety of your home compared to other roofing styles that are commonly used.

Metal roofing is strong enough to withstand adverse weather

Metal roofing is great to safeguard your home during all kinds of weather. For instance, they can reflect a good amount of light and heat from the sun. This helps keep your home cool, especially in areas that are hot and sunny all year long such as here at South Florida! Additionally the slippery surfaces allow rain to flow out into the drainage systems, reducing the chance of leaks.

In addition, it is extremely durable against hail, as well as any other debris which could cause damage or even shatter shingles that are typically found on asphalt roofing. The drawback is that it can leave the dents, and needs to be replaced as a complete sheet in order to keep the original appearance of your roof (as contrasted to the repairs cost of only a couple of shingles). The dents aren’t pretty however, if you’re not so much concerned with aesthetics the strength that metal roofing offers could be enough to cover any small dings or scratches.

Roof Material that is Fire-Resistant

One of the major advantages of roofs made from metal has its capability to stand up to fire and sparks without catching on fire and aid in keeping your home from burning down. A lot of roofing materials are composed from highly flammable components or, at the very least, bonded to the roof by highly flammable glues. This could be extremely hazardous because it could aid in spreading a fire to a home.

In contrast, metal roofing is not flame-proof and they are a great option for homeowners concerned about fire dangers. Many houses located in areas of high risk for wildfire are fitted with metal roofing that helps prevent them from being caught on fire.

How to identify damage to your Metal Roof

If you’re deciding the best option to repair or replace the roof you have It is essential to inspect the roofing for evidence of wear and tear. Miami Roofing recommends bringing out one of our expert roofing experts to examine the damages and provide an estimate at no cost, as being on the roof and inspecting your roofing yourself could be very dangerous.

Leaks coming from Your Roof

A very noticeable and visible indicators of the damage to your roofing material is any leakage emanating through your roof. Invisible leaks can cause an enormous amount of destruction to the interior of your home It’s worth getting an inspector in the event that you think your roof is not working properly.

You can test for leaks in your home by going up to your attic. Utilizing a flashlight, inspect the inside of your roof to find any obvious signs of damage. When your roofing system is well-insulated it is possible identify the cause of the leak much more easily by observing any weakening insulation. The leak’s source is likely to be close to damaged or moist wood or insulation, although it is not always just above. However, your roof can redirect water from a sprung leak elsewhere on the roof.

Seams on your Roof

A failure in the seams of your roofing made of metal can result in significant leaks and other problems on your roof. If your roof starts to show signs of problems seams are typically an initial areas on the roof to show evidence of wear and wear and tear. They may slide off the roofing if they’re not properly installed and allowed water to enter your home.

In addition seams in metal roofs could create problems when high-speed winds are in play, since they could “catch” in the winds or lift off from the building’s top and tear whole parts of your roofing off.

Metal Roof Rust and Oxidation

Rust is another major issue in the case of metal roofing. In addition to being unaesthetic, roofing oxidation could damage the roof’s ability to withstand rain and hail, and can make your roof more vulnerable to leaks.

However, roofs that are rusted are easy to identify. If you are trying to determine whether you require repairs to your roofing or replacement, look for areas of reddish-brown discoloration on the surface of your roof. Particularly, you should take a look at the areas where chimneys touch the roof or any other area in which water could collect and cause damage to oxidation.

Cost of Replacing or Repairing the Metal Roof

Metal Roof Costs depend on the materials and size

There’s no standard price for a repair or replacement. It is all dependent on the material used for the roofing and the dimensions of the roof that determines the amount of sheeting metal required.

Metal roofing generally is more expensive in comparison to the other materials used for roofing. However, the durability of roofing made of metal can reduce expenses by preventing your roof from needing to repair or replace your roof.

The most popular Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Aluminum Roofing Materials

Aluminum is a great metal roofing material for homeowners. It is typically resistant to corrosion, energy efficient, and long-lasting. It is often suggested for roofs for homes in coastal areas, since seawater is known to accelerate corrosion more quickly than regular water. This makes aluminum an excellent choice to use for South Florida roofing. The aluminum roof can be designed to look stunning in addition, making the new roof to blend with the color scheme of your house.

Aluminum squares can cost anything from $800 to $1500 for a square according to your local prices for metal. It is among the most affordable options if you are looking to replace your roof with an aluminum roofing system.

Copper Roofing

Copper is another excellent choice for roofing made of metal. It is a gorgeous shine which can be attractive not just as a practical option for roofing, but also as a thoughtful design option also. Copper is generally long-lasting and low-maintenance. In time the copper roof can be able to develop a vibrant patina. The patina will make copper resistant to corrosion, and makes it an excellent option to cover your roof in the coastal regions. However, copper roofing might be unsuitable in areas that are prone to hail, since it can easily scratch.

Copper is, however, one of the most expensive metals to use for roofing. A copper square is priced anywhere between $800 and $2,000.

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated roofing is an excellent option if you are looking for an affordable metal roofing material which is sturdy and frequently resistant to rust. The structure and coatings of these roofings make them endure the rigors of weather and allow water to flow off them easily.

But, corrugated roofing may be unattractive and industrial looking because it is a distinct style. In addition, corrugated roofing products usually have fasteners with exposed screws which make it more likely that this kind of roofing may be prone to leaks and requires maintenance.

Contact Us for A Free Metal Roof Inspection

Are you trying to determine the repairs and cost of replacement? Are you looking to upgrade your roofing but aren’t sure what to do? Get in touch with Miami Roofing today to get an estimate for any roofing job! We’ll be able to assess your needs and choose the most suitable roofing option for your needs. If you’re planning to make the change to a metal roof, we can assist you by kickstart the process!

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Single ply roofing, which is Low Slope Roofs, often known as flat roofs have pitches of under 3 inches each 12 inches. Even flat roofs generally have a pitch that is as low as 1/8 inch for 12 inches. The most common types of roof systems for low slope roofs include Built Up Roofing or Single Ply Roofing as well as Fluid Applied Systems.

Built-up roofing, sometimes known as BUR is the most common roofing system that is installed in low-slope rooftops. It is typically made up of interweaving several layers of fiberglass sheathing that is bonded together with asphalt. Bitumen or asphalt is heated until it is a liquid state before being utilized as the glue which binds the layers. The system is then topped off by a top layer of ceramic granules, or another material that provides UV protection for roofing materials. The built-up roofing system is durable and economical. The redundant nature of several layers of waterproofing stops water from entering even if some or all of the layers become worn out or damaged. In the event of need insulation boards are put on top of the decking and the roofing system to improve energy efficiency to the structure. The insulation board may also be tapered in order to create a pitch that prevents water from accumulating in the roof. Within the built-up roofing, there are various types of materials like SBS modified APP modified as well as regular organic sheets. Miami Roofing can recommend the best system that is suitable to suit your specific requirements.

Single-Ply Roofs have become the most popular method for commercial buildings in the United States over the past 20 years. Single-ply is available in sheets of 10 feet wide which are joined. Single-ply roofing is much less prone to seams than traditional roofing. It is installed quickly and without the requirement for open flame torchers and hot kettles for asphalt. Single-ply manufacturers supply ready-made roof components like inside corners pitch pans, pipe boots and pitch pans. Single-ply roofing is a durable material and virtually impervious to water ponds.


Single Ply Roofing

White Single-ply is very reflective and may help in reducing the cost of air conditioning. There are three kinds of single-ply materials, that include TPO, EPDM, and PVC. TPO is the most widely used, but each has advantages over others. For instance, PVC systems are ideal for restaurants since PVC is very resistant to the damage caused by grease traps. EPDM roofs, also known as rubber, are popular across northern areas. It is black in color and absorbs heat, preventing accumulation of snow.

High-Quality Top Quality Single Ply & BUR Roofing Systems in Miami, South Florida

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Your roofing is the most crucial aspect of your business or home. Inattention to it could lead to leaks, mold and other issues that can cost you cash in the long run.

We’ve put together this guide to provide you with information on sealing, waterproofing as well as coating the roof in order that it can last for years without issue. This guide will provide information about the consequences of neglecting your roof, and the reasons why regular maintenance is crucial.

Offering Your Roof With Additional Protection

A periodic examination of your roof will aid in preventing problems from happening in the near future. Also, it can give the homeowner an insight into how the roofing materials you have chosen are performing.

Another excellent way to take care of your roofing is to seal it or coated. Miami Roofing specializes in waterproofing coating, sealing, and sealing roofing and has many years of experience in caring for South Florida properties. Call us today to get a no-cost estimate today!

What is the difference between the Roof Sealant as well as Coatings?

The main difference between roof sealants as well as coatings lies in the fact that they are made to guard against sunlight, rain and various other conditions of weather. It accomplishes this by forming bonds to the surface of your roofing. “Sealant” is a term used to describe a product “sealant” can be used interchangeably with “coating” however that’s not a true description. Sealant is more aptly used to refer to a specific product similar to “roof caulk”.

Painting a roof is entirely different from coating the roof. Roof coatings are specifically made to withstand the elements , and reflect UV rays or seals your roof. While painting is generally only for decorative purpose.

Roof sealants and coatings are designed to meet all requirements related with low-volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that you will not be exposed to harmful gasses that can be generated during the application process as well as while your home or commercial roofing is being dried.

Effective for extending your roof’s life span

Sealant for roofs and coating for roofing aid in extending the life of your roof. Every type of flat roof will require specific methods for coating. When your roof is nearing it’s time and you begin see signs of wear and tear on the roof, it’s an excellent idea to examine your roof and consider the importance that the roof’s coating provides. The roof could have five years left , but a good coating will allow the roof’s lifespan to be longer.

What are the reasons to consider sealing my roof?

Roof sealants are fantastic in waterproofing but offer many other advantages too. Sealant is available in a liquid form, and is easy to apply using an applicator over the entire roof’s surface.

When you seal your roof it will also protect the rest of your home by making sure that water damage is prevented from occurring. Sealants will not only prevent the water from leaking via leaks but will also professional can keep your home in good condition and secure.

Make sure you are able to prevent Leaks as well as Water Damage

The sealant coating may be applied to the roof of your home at any point because they offer an effect of waterproofing. The most effective method of installing the coating is to cleanse the roof of any obstructions and remove the roof’s surface so that the coating will stick properly. After the coating is applied, it will be able to fill in every seam and crack along the roof and create a smooth surface.

Stop the growth of mould

The mould can thrive wherever there is moisture and has air that allows it to grow. Mould thrives on poorly sealed or coated roofs or decks for roofs. It is able to grow under your roof shingles or flat roofing material. If you do not seal your roof, and ignore the damages, mould can ruin it in the interior. Therefore, you should apply coating to your roof before it turns into an issue in the future.

Protection from UV

Roof coatings also offer an amount of UV protection for your roof. It is true that UV radiation from the sun could harm any paint or coatings on your roof therefore a sealant can ensure that the roof’s surfaces are well-protected.

Increase Resistance to Fire

Certain roof coatings are specifically designed to resist fire, which will help stop burning fires that spread to the interior of your house. If you own a roof located in a high-risk zone, this may provide an additional benefit since it helps prevent fire from spreading to your ceilings and walls.

How Much is Coating or sealing a roof’s surface cost?

The price will differ based on the kind of coating used and whether it’s a residential or commercial application. Our trained experts will be able to provide you an accurate estimate when they arrive to examine your roof.

Fluid-applied roofing or coatings are great for roofs that can also be used as walkable decks like balconies or decks surrounding rooftop pools. Fluid-applied systems come in virtually every color and texture. They are a beautiful and durable choice. Another typical use of coatings is to waterproof roofs that are already in use. Coatings can prolong the life of roofing systems in place, providing substantial savings over the re-roofing process.

Cost of Coating or Sealing

The cost of coating or sealing the roof will be contingent on the roofing material used, the size of your roof and the extent to which the roof must be fixed prior to applying the coating. Miami Roofing has nearly two decades of experience in coating and sealing all types of residential and commercial buildings across South Florida; to get an accurate estimate, call us now!

Different types of roof Coatings for waterproofing

Our roof sealants and roofing coatings were developed mostly for waterproofing purposes, but they are available in many kinds. Roof coatings are offered in liquid forms that you can apply using an applicator over the entire surface of your roof. Certain coatings are made specifically designed for UV protection or algae protection, while others are designed specifically for waterproofing.

The main point is having roof sealed by a professional will ensure they look beautiful and will save you cash on repairs and replacements.


As among the most sought-after sealants due to its strength and ease of use and its affordability, the silicone roof coat is It comes in many colors, however it is white that’s the most sought-after. It’s a wonderful way in waterproofing your structure and can be easily fixed later on if it is needed.

Asphalt Base Coatings

Created for specific roofing systems, the asphalt-based coatings can be used to fill in gaps in your roof and flashing. However, their lifespan is significantly smaller than other coatings. They are intended to be used on asphalt and bitumen roofs.


This coating is suitable for a range of commercial roofs modified bitumen, smooth BUR, to name but some. Ideal for locations with extreme weather conditions, like we have this time of year in Florida.

Acrylic Roof Coatings

Another roofing coat is the acrylic. These sealants contain water so they are eco-friendly. They can be applied to various types of roofing, and is ideal for dry and warm climates.

Engage a professional to Waterproof and seal or coat Your Roof

Hiring a roofing expert to seal, waterproof or paint your roof is among the most significant decisions you can make to your home or business. A coating for your roof will cover and shield your roof from damage caused by weather and UV rays that could cause leaks as well as serious issues later on. Miami Roofing will ensure that the roof’s surfaces are kept well-protected!

Contact Miami Roofing for a Free Estimate

Contact Miami Roofing for a free estimate today. We’re the top roofing company located in South Florida, and we’ve been providing outstanding client service for 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide!

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Residential Roofing Services in South Florida

Miami Roofing is a trusted and highly rated residential roofing contractor located in South Florida. We’re dedicated to delivering our customers with the highest degree of satisfaction with each installation. Our professional team is equipped with the skills and expertise needed to install top-quality roofing. We will be there from beginning to end. Each project we undertake we ensure the best quality materials and a roofing that stands the test of time and increase the look of your home security, value, and appearance.

Repairing Damaged Roofs

However, many homeowners don’t contact roofing companies for residential roofs until they’re too late to perform proper maintenance on their roofs, and the only option they have is to repair the whole roof! Don’t let this happen to your home since “prevention will always be better than treatment,” and this same concept is applicable to your roofing needs. Making sure you are doing the right maintenance and repairs to your roof can save money over time and will extend the lifespan of your roof. It will also add the value of your roof and providing peace of mind in the process.

Miami Roofing provides high-quality repairs for all types of residential roofing. We have expertise with roofing tiles, shingles and metal roofing, as well as many more!

Shingles missing or cracked

Cracked or missing shingles could appear harmless at first but it’s vital to get them checked and replaced. The shingles that are damaged or missing can result in water leaking out of your roof, causing water damage to your home. This can cost you more money and costly to fix over the long term!

Roof Leaks

The presence of a leaky roof can be an issue because leaks tend to worsen over time. It is crucial to get ahead of the problem by ensuring regular maintenance to your roof specifically in the months before the hurricane season. The conditions is a major factor in South Florida can bring extreme conditions, and it can be difficult to fix your roof’s leaks as time passes, and the problem gets more severe.

Miami Roofing offers free estimates on any repair work to the roof, including leaks from the roof!

Flashing Failures and Issues with Underlayment

Flashing on the roof is intended to guard your roof’s overall structure, particularly the edges and seams. If your flashing is damaged it could become the source of leaks that could cause water damage to your home. If you miss recognizing and fixing the issue early, it could increase the severity of the issue. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of the issue at the start before it becomes an even bigger issue.

Having the right kind of underlayment installed in the correct locations is crucial. There are areas of your roof which are much more susceptible than others, like the valleys, walls, and penetrations. These areas need a better quality roofing underlayment in order to protect your roof.

Full Roof Replacement or replacement

Complete roof replacements are something many homeowners are afraid of and put off for a while. A complete roofing replacement or installation will require many hours and cash, however, it’s an investment that is essential to ensure your family members and your home are secure.

If the roofing replacement was caused by an accident or natural disaster make sure to check with your insurance provider to make sure that the roof is insured. Miami Roofing are a team of experts that can help assess your situation and suggest the best way to proceed. We can also assist your public adjuster while they assist you with the process of filing insurance claims and ensure you get the protection you’re entitled to!


Roof Inspections and Estimates

Inspecting your roof by a reputable South Florida roofing contractor is vital, particularly prior to the storm or hurricane season. It will ensure the roof’s good condition to withstand the severe weather conditions to arrive.

The types of roofing we specialize in

We specialize in all sorts of roofing. There are a variety of possibilities for your residential roofing. Here are a few various types of roofing we are experts in:

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are extremely popular among homeowners since they’re one of the most cost-effective alternatives when it comes to making new roofs or replacing the one that is already in place.

There are a variety of choices of shingle types to pick from, such as three-tab asphalt, the general architectural or the traditional architectural style. Miami Roofing team will be able to suggest and recommend the best type for you in accordance with your unique requirements. Each style has distinct advantages and styles to enhance the appearance of your home.

Tile Roofs

Tiles are an extremely popular option to cover your roof in Florida due to their long-lasting durability and appealing options are available to you. Tile roofing is able to withstand harsh weather conditions that could wreak havoc on your home like hurricanes with powerful winds and torrential rain.

A tile roof may also protect your home from insect damage and is a great barrier against the rotting process that can occur on the roof of your house.

Metal Roofs

The metal roofing option is one of the best choice for industrial and commercial buildings, however, some homeowners are leaning towards metal roofing too. It is due to the fact that metal is extremely durable and is able to stand up to hurricanes and natural disasters better than other roofing materials which makes it a preferred roofing choice within South Florida.

One more advantage of roofs made of metal is the strength and longevity it offers homeowners. Metal roofing is also available in a variety of styles and colors and you’ll most likely find one that will fit with the style of your house.

Flat Roofs

Apart from sloped roofing which is the most common choice, flat roofing is an ideal option because it’s affordable and gives a contemporary appearance to any house.

Flat roofing does have an incline that is slight and not flat. This is to ensure that rainwater is able to drain efficiently and then slide away from its roof’s alder.

We offer a range in flat roofing material with substantial advantages. Some of these materials can last for 20 or more years with proper maintenance of the roof. Granulated roofing, rolled roofing, and TPO, or 2 of the roof types that are most popular roofs in Florida.

What is the best way to choose a roofing Contactor for Your Home

Selecting the best Florida roofing firm is not easy because there are many choices available. There are many aspects you need to be looking for in a business which offers repairs to residential roofs.

Experience is a given in the roofing Industry

The roofing industry is highly controlled and regulated. You must ensure that the company providing residential roofing that you choose to work with is trustworthy and has the expertise to put up or fix your roofing.

Our specialists working at Miami Roofing have been delivering high-quality roofing services for South Florida residents for nearly two decades. We only use the finest quality materials and offer unbeatable customer service all the way.

Note hiring an authorized contractor can help reduce the confusion in determining the expertise and knowledge of a company. It is crucial since licensed contractors are bonded and insured. They can ensure the work they’ll perform to your home’s roof. Miami Roofing is an accredited member of the Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida and has been OSHA certified since our company’s beginning.